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Speakeasy MUX

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In a world were law is lawless, gangs and speakeasies are on the rise in all parts of the country. Organized crime is a regular sight, and stages are booked solid every night featuring jazz and entertainment stars from all over the world. Economy is booming after the Great War, Prohibition is in full swing, and it's not uncommon for a city to have gangs providing illegally-smuggled alcohol to the rest of the populace, holding a tight chokehold over the local police force by means of bribery and sharing the booze.

Welcome to the SpeakeasyMUX player community journal. Here you can post fun snippets of RP, arrange tinyplots, meet other players, post MUX-related artwork, or just post goofy things pertaining to the game. All players interested in SpeakeasyMUX, either existing players or prospective players, are welcome to join this community.

Speakeasy MUX is a multithemed MU* roleplaying setting based in an alternate universe Earth, during 1920's America with trace elements of science fiction, steampunk, and fantasy. Our story takes place in the city of Ellington, a bustling metropolis that rose from the ashes of the Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

This is also going to become a repository of finished, polished news files in HTML format, should you find that easier to read than on the MUX itself. Rules, theme files, policies, and related writing will be placed here.

It is advised that you download a telnet client such as SimpleMU or MUSHclient if you want to play here. Roleplaying here is done with full consent, there are no statistics or a combat system. It is advised that you read all the files under news theme and news policies before playing.